What an election!  It was a definitely a good election for women nationally.

The number of women in the US Congress and US Senate increased! A record of 20 women will serve in the Senate (4 Republicans, 16 Democrats).  In Congress the number of women will also increase including two more from own state legislature.  Congratulations to California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and State Assemblywoman Julia Brownley for their respective wins and will be joining at least 78 women in Congress (some races are still awaiting final results).   We are thrilled that another two previous CALIFORNIALIST endorsed candidates will move on to Congress, proving once again the power of the political pipeline and the importance of our work. Almost all of the women elected to our California Congressional delegation have previously served in our state legislature.

The electoral trajectory for women in California did not really change.

In California, seven Democratic women will be termed out of the legislature this year (2 Senate, 5 Assembly), so electing more women legislators was vital to reversing the decline of our elected women in Sacramento.

As of 12:27 PM yesterday all precincts had reported 100% of their votes.  The results indicate that there will now be a total of 30 women (9 Senate and 21 Assembly) representatives for a net loss of 4 seats in the legislature for the 2013/2014 session, making the legislature comprised of only 25% women.  Betsy Butler in District 50 is behind in her race by only 218 votes, but some absentee and provisional ballots have yet to be counted and final results will be available in early December.  If she wins, this could bring the number of women legislators to 31.

A special congratulations to Sharon Quirk-Silva. She beat all predictions and won!  Not only did her victory provide us with a 2/3 majority in the legislature, but she defeated an anti-choice, anti-Title IX male Republican.

With a total of 45 women (29 Democrats, 15 Republicans, and 1 Peace & Freedom) on the certified ballot, we are pleased that 19 Democratic women CALIFORNIALIST supported (5 Senate and 14 Assembly) won their races in such a tough electoral climate.

The decline in our women representatives continues to plague California.

Congratulations again to all the women who won their races and will representing California in Sacramento!  Thank you to all of our donors and supporters.

Those candidates bolded were elected in Tuesday’s election.

SENATE CANDIDATES (**Indicates Incumbent)

SD 3 (Napa, Yolano)
Lois Wolk (D)**  66.1%
Frank Miranda (R)  33.1%

SD 5 (San Joaquin)
Cathleen Galgiani (D)  49.0%
Bill Berryhill (R)  51.0%

SD 9 (Oakland)
Loni Hancock (D)**  85.8%
Mary Catherine McIlroy (R)  14.2%

SD 13 (San Mateo)
Sally Lieber (D)  33.1%
Jerry Hill (D)  66.9%

SD 19 (Santa Barbara)
Hannah-Beth Jackson (D)  54.7%
Mike Stoker (R)  45.3%

SD 25 (Pasadena)
Carol Liu (D)**  60.3%  
Gilbert Gonzales (R)   39.7%

SD 27 (Ventura County)
Fran Pavley (D)**  52.6%
Todd Zink (R)  47.4%

ASSEMBLY CANDIDATES (**Indicates Incumbent)

AD 4 (Napa, Yolo, Dixon)
Mariko Yamada (D)**  62.1%
John Munn (R)  37.9%

AD 13 (Stockton)
Susan Talamantes Eggman (D)  63.5%
K. Jeffery Jafri (R)  36.5%

AD 14 (Concord)
Susan Bonilla (D)** 100%

AD 15 (Berkeley)
Nancy Skinner (D)**  86.9%
Eugene Ruyle (PF)  13.1%

AD 16 (Tri-Valley, Livermore, Lafayette)
Joan Buchanan (D)**  58.3%
Al Phillips (R)  41.7%

AD 20 (Hayward, Fairview)
Dr. Jennifer Ong (D)  48.7%
Bill Quirk (D)  51.3%

AD 27 (San Jose)
Nora Campos (D)**  76.5%
Roger Lasson (R)  23.5%

AD 47 (Rialto)
Cheryl Brown (D)  56.2%
Joe Baca, Jr. (D)  43.8%

AD 50 (West Los Angeles)
Betsy Butler (D)**  49.9%
Richard Bloom (D)  50.1%

AD 52 (Pomona)
Norma Torres (D)**  65.4%
Kenny Coble (R)  34.6%

AD 54 (Culver City)
Holly Mitchell (D)**  83.4%
Keith McCowen (R)  16.6%

AD 58 (Cerritos, Montebello)
Cristina Garcia (D)  71.5%
Patricia Kotze-Ramos (R)  28.5%

AD 65 (Fullerton)
Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)  50.5%
Chris Norby (R)**  49.5%

AD 70 (Long Beach)
Bonnie Lowenthal (D)**  65.2%
Martha Florez Gibson (R)  34.8%

AD 78 (Coastal San Diego)
Toni Atkins (D)**  61.7%
Ralph Denney (R)  38.3%

AD 79 (Bonita, La Mesa)
Dr. Shirley Weber (D)  60.3%
Mary England (R)  39.7%

CALIFORNIALIST thanks all of our members and friends once again for supporting the candidates through our many fundraising efforts on their behalf.  Without your support we wouldn’t be able to elect such qualified progressive women to carry the torch inSacramento for the issues that matter most toCalifornia women.

Congratulations again to all those women who had the courage to step up and run in the in this election cycle!