California Women’s List

Thirteen years ago, CaliforniaLIST was founded by Bettina Duval, with the objective of electing women to California state office. Since 2002, CaliforniaLIST has helped elect over 60 women, five of whom now serve in Congress, and Attorney General Kamala Ha


AB-775 Reproductive FACT Act

“Women in California deserve to know about all of their options about family planning and reproductive health care so that they can make truly informed decisions.” – Assemblywoman Autumn Burke CALIFORNIALIST supports Autumn Burke and bil


California’s List Reboot – Telling Our Story

Our California State Legislature is only made up of 25% women – and without a doubt, we need to recruit, empower and support more women to run for office. We can all agree to that fact. Period. Telling our California’s List Story doesn’t require per